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Choose from the many services that we have to offer your business.

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Data Cabling

Our goal is to cater to all your changing needs.  From a mere cable diagnostic to the installation of a fully operational network, you can rest assured that when we visit your location, we do our best to work around the operations of your company.  Our technicians arrive onsite with everything you would expect for the installation of one of the most critical assets of your business.

Proficient with Category 5 and Category 6, we have the technicians and the skills to build or upgrade your desired network.  If you require a connection to a nearby office, we can contract engineers to provide cable access across roads and through common ground to provide a link where wireless will not go.

We offer an extensive supply, enabling us to provide you with a greater level of service.

Voice cabling


Moves and changes?

A new install?

A Voice Over IP system?

One of our core services, most of our technicians began their careers in this field.  If it's voice related we have the skills and expertise to offer you the solution that you depend upon.

Fiber Optic cabling

We can supply a full fiber optical cabling solution incorporating an extensive range of cable and connector types, supported by all the patch panels, joints, patch-cords, and other accessories necessary to effect a complete optical installation whatever the intended application or environment.

Our extensive experience of fiber cabling throughout the last 3 decades enables us to offer you the optical fiber solution you need.

We also offer an emergency Fiber repair service. If you have a broken or damaged fiber cable, call us and find out how and when we can help!

Optical fibers are now used in almost every aspect of the communications network and are widely accepted as the ultimate structured cabling medium.

Phone System Services

We are also a reseller and installer  of many of the most popular Key Systems, Hybrid PBXs and VOIP systems.

    • Key Systems

    • Hybrid PBXs

    • VOIP Systems

Surveillance Systems

We can design, cable, install, and program a camera surveillance system to best suit your needs.

Value Added

    • Cabling and phone system infrastructure reviews

    • Cable testing and certification

    • Technology selection and recommendations

    • Voice over IP

    • Project management


    • Multimode Fiber Optic OTDR testing and certification

    • Single-mode and Multimode Fiber Optic light loss testing.

    • Category 5 and Category 6 cable certification provided by a Fluke DTX Cable Analyzer.